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We offer 2 yards, 4 yards, 6 yards, 8 yards, 16 yards, 25 yards and 40 skips.
2-Yard Skip

The 2-yard skip is an ideal choice for small-scale projects or clearances, such as minor home renovations or garden clean-ups. Its compact size makes it convenient for placement in limited spaces.

4-Yard Skip

The 4-yard skip provides a bit more capacity, suitable for slightly larger projects. It can accommodate a variety of waste materials, making it a popular choice for small construction or renovation endeavors.

6-Yard Skip

With a 6-yard skip, you have a versatile option for both domestic and light commercial projects. It can handle a substantial amount of waste, making it well-suited for larger household clearances or small-scale work.

8-Yard Skip

The 8-yard skip offers ample space for sizeable clearances and construction tasks. It’s commonly used for commercial projects and larger home renovations, allowing for efficient disposal of bulky waste.

16-Yard Skip

The 16-yard skip is a substantial choice for sizable commercial projects. Its high capacity makes it suitable for managing large volumes of waste, making it an efficient option for extensive renovations or construction endeavors.

25-Yard Skip

The 25-yard skip is designed for major commercial or industrial projects. Its significant capacity enables it to handle considerable amounts of waste, making it an indispensable tool for large-scale construction ventures.

40-Yard Skip

The 40-yard skip is the largest option available, providing unparalleled capacity for substantial commercial or industrial projects. It’s a top choice for managing extensive volumes of waste, ensuring efficient disposal on a grand scale.

Domestic Skip Hire

Gings Ltd specializes in tailoring domestic skip hire services to match the specific needs of a variety of household projects. Our domestic skip hire solutions are customized to meet your precise requirements.

Commercial Skip Hire

We take pride in our eco-friendly approach to total waste management and recycling solutions. Gings is committed to safe and appropriate waste handling, and we can provide comprehensive recycling and waste trail reports.